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Taorminaexcursions.com is a website owned by TourofSicily Tour Operator. 
A Fully licensed Tour Operator specialized in Sicily Tours and Activities.

This website is part of a web project regarding  Tourist Services in Sicily operated by selected Tour Companies who operate legally in their area.

All activities of this website, also published on the main website TourofSicily.com, and its associated websites, are  under exclusive administrative control of:
Chat & Tour Srl (Palermo - Sicily) which is the Legal Company name registered at Italian Company Register as  PA225726 since January 17, 2001


All Payment charged on Credit card will be quoted on your Statement as "CHAT AND TOUR" and it will be done in the total respect of the Secure Protocol requested from all International Banks and Credit Card Companies

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is a website owned by:

Chat & Tour Srl  - Palermo (Sicily) 

Tour Operator License Nr. 996/VII/Tur

authorized by Sicilian Tourist Board 

as: TourofSicily Tour Operator

Email: taormina@tourofsicily.com

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